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This is our Special Projects division philosophy

Shipping large yachts and over sized cargo

We Have A wide range of experience in shipping large, over size & sensative yachts
and also shipments that cannot be places as is on top of the container.

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Heavy Machinery, Caravans & self-propelled vehicles

Shipping Heavy Machinery, caravans & self-propelled vehicles is a business for proffesionals.

When you have sensative and expensive cargo,  We will assist you to find the best shipping way to fit your needs.

We have the experience and the abilty to move these cargo types.

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Shipping Heavy & Oversize delicate machines

Moving machines parts, consolidating, stuffing and shipping safely
is a delicate and complex process, 

Try Us, We can do it.

this is how it looks like when stuffing the container :

This is how it looks like after stuffing, safely under ship's deck :

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