Barshan Int'l Forwarding & Moran Cargo
Int'l Forwarding & Custom Clearance
Any Cargo
Any Where
High End Creativity, Flexibility and Determination.
We can take on any challenge!

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We control the entire supply chain. All services are provided  "in house", From the factory to the customer.
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Even in great distances, your cargo feels close.
Full responsibility and perfect control, all the way!
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Our Company Speciallized in logistics for over 60 years
As a well-known Israeli Freight Forwarding & Custom Clearance agency we give you full support and all around service. 
Our company core values are Professionalism, Trustworthiness and constant efforts to reach maximum customer satisfaction .

Freight Forwarding

All Information About It :

Air Import & Export

Shipping diffrent sizes, from small items up to whatever client needs,

We can ship Frozen / Chilled / Dangerous Goods / Over Size.

We can handle Drop shipments from all over the world !

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Sea Import & Export - FCL

We have excellent commercial relations with all major international shipping lines and can ship FCL containers
from each sea port to each sea port to your choice.

Please give us information about your next shipment and
we will find the best solution for it,

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Sea Import & Export - LCL

We have good solutions for Loose Cargo not big enough to be stuffed in full containers.

We have the abilty to consolidate your shipment
in order to make your shippng more cost effective.

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Consolidation, Stuffing & Storage

If you have several shippers you buy from, We have the abilty to consolidate it together to one shipment, Thus, making your shipping much more cost effective.

We can store your precious goods for short or
long periods of time to fit your needs,

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RORO & FLAT & MAFI and all types of shipping.

We can handle oversize, towable, self-propelled, sensative and high value cargo.

try us,
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Custom Clearance

All Information About it :

Custom Clearing

Our Company is one of the most expreinced and proffesional company in the israeli market.

We can assist in clearing any shipment in Import and Export
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Clearing Regulation

A large veraiety of diffrent shipment types has certain import limitations, 

Please make sure the goods you needed to be cleared in israel
can be cleared smoothly and without any delays or fines.

We will be happy to assist you,
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Inland Transportation

Inland Transportaion is one of the most sensative and important section of shipping,

it is important to work with proffesional, reliable and trustworthy inland trasporter.

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Import Taxation

Import Taxation is an important in understanding the actual buying cost. 

Its rate changes from time to time and it is critiacal
to work with an experienced and proffesional customs broker.

Try Us,
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Israeli Customs Documents & Forms

One of the important keys of smooth and effective custom clearing is to know the correct & relevant document or form for your needs.

we can give you the best advise on what is the relevant document to clear your goods the shortest way possible.
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